• Featured Products

  • Virosol Plant Protector
    Protection from Viral Disease, Prevent spread...

    Herbal Extracts: 10%

    Plant Nutrients: 5%

    Antiviral Agents: 5%

    Filler and Dissolving Agents: 80%

    Purity: 100%

  • ECO-pH Controller

    Color: Golden

    Use: Control Acidic/Alkaline Water pH to Nutral for Better Results

    Purity: 100%

    Shelf Life: 1 Year

    Dosage: 0.4 ml/ lit

  • Nano Cell Bio Nutrients
    Increases Vegetative & Productive Growth...

    Bionutrients: 10%

    Proteinated (Amino's): 10%

    Vitamins and Auxins: 5%

    Cytokinins and Hormones: 5%

    Dissolving Agent: 70%

  • Sea-Gain Seaweed Extract
    It Decreases Climate Stress On Crops and...

    Shelf Life: 1 Year

    Grade: Superior

    Purity: 100%

    Form: Liquid

    Use: Agriculture

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GAINS Group from Nashik, Maharashtra is well-known for dealing in Agro Chemicals. We make available a variety of products which includes Plant Growth Promoters, Plant Protectors, ECO-pH Controller, Nono Cell Bio Nutrients and Sea-Gain Seaweed Extract. We are one of the renowned Manufacturer and Supplier of various agrochemicals and have a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals who manufacture high-quality unique  products using the most efficient techniques. Our quest is to improve agricultural production by producing and supplying high quality and clinical chemical fertilizers to different parts of the country.